My Personal Words of Inspiration for Success


As an artist, and therefore entrepreneur, I consistently give myself pep talks and keep myself on an even keel. My meditation and mindfulness practice has helped enormously with that, keeping me from either becoming too exuberant when I make a sale or celebrate some factor of success. I can also get down in the dumps when nothing is happening or if I get sick, which happens rarely. I’ve got to have the energy to propel myself forward with gusto every day, and some days are easier than others.

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To help me out I have some affirmations and reminders up on my wall that I use instead of a vision board. I know, right? You’d think an artist would be more inclined toward a vision board, but it doesn’t work for me. Affirmations do, though.

First the act of writing out the affirmation or instruction to reflect upon sets it into my brain more permanently. There is something about hand writing something that gels better in the memory.  Next, stopping to reflect on my affirmations helps my mindfulness, whether through right speech or right thinking.

Often times I’ll wear my Meaning to Pause bracelet that vibrates against my wrist every hour and a half, reminding me to take a moment and be mindful.  Depending on what feels right at the time, I’ll occasionally come into the kitchen where I have them posted and read through them, internalizing what they say.

I have a couple of them right in the wall space between  the underside of the cupboard and the counter and if I’m not chopping something, it’s right there to read over again. But they have been there so long now that I find I’m becoming blind to them. Maybe this blog post will invigorate my contemplation!

My words of inspiration for success

OK, so here are my lists. The first set is inspired by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It sits by my knife block so I can have a quick affirmation before cooking dinner! I just changed a couple of words to fit my situation:

  • I attract the right people and the right opportunities into my life.
  • I attract wealth and prosperity in unlimited abundance.
  • I am a successful and prosperous artist.

What’s great about the second two are that wealth, prosperity and success are all relative. How I define those terms is different from what you believe, and that’s a beautiful thing.

Next to this are some quotes by Robert Tennyson Stevens from his book Conscious Language, The Logos of Now. This paper is taped right behind the sugar canister next the Wayne Dyer affirmations. It says:

Words + Specificity + Feeling = MANIFESTATION

  • Speak from my heart
  • Speak consciously and creatively
  • Speak in the first person, personally
  • Speak with specificity
  • Speak with aligned feeling

Continuing toward the right is a small piece of notebook paper I jotted down a prayer by Marianne Williamson. It is a prayer of surrender, really. Of giving up control. Just putting your best self out there and seeing what happens. I often begin my painting session after reading this little contemplation. It goes:

I dedicate to you my talents and my abilities.

May they be used in a way that serves your purposes.

I surrender to you my business and my finances.

May my work be lifted to its highest possibility as a blessing on all the world.

Short and sweet, right? Marianne Williamson always has the best, heartfelt prayers and sayings.

Lastly, I have a big list that I go over ever now and then, and it is also by Robert Tennyson. I am convinced that our self talk and outward speech shapes the life we have. Improve both inward and outward speech and your life will reflect it accordingly.

Here’s what the last list says, right by my window.

Human Operating System Upgrade

  1. Play 125%
  2. Live up to my word
  3. Be fully and completely present
  4. Be effective and efficient
  5. Be responsible for internal dialogue
  6. Choose to choose (instead of “deciding” or being wishy-washy about committing)
  7. Agree to find and come to agreement
  8. Give myself permission to stretch, be open to my highest good, know, be enthusiastic
  9. Stretch again and breathe, breathe, BREATHE!
  10. Be committed to saying yes! to my highest good
  11. Have a commitment to win and empower others to win, creating win/win
  12. Be in relationship with my inner source

So there you have it. These are the words of inspiration for success or just living in harmony with my purpose.

Let me know which one resonates most with you, or if you have any affirmations or sayings that you go to regularly, please share them in the comments.

Photo credit: Nathan Pirtz 

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2 Responses to My Personal Words of Inspiration for Success

  1. Erik March 18, 2015 at 9:23 pm #

    Practicing Detachment is what works best for me. Detaching my want or need from any particular outcome, allowing true beneficial abundance to flow in effortlessly.

    • Amy Tanathorn March 19, 2015 at 4:35 pm #

      Absolutely, Erik. Practicing detachment is a work in progress for me, and I’m so glad you’ve reminded me about it. I like how you phrase “allowing true beneficial abundance to flow in effortlessly.” Great point. Thanks for coming by. 🙂

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