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Creative Process for Budding Quince

Years ago when I first encountered a quince blossom, I was blown away at how beautiful it was. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I’m still intrigued at the bright orangy-pink petals and vivid green leaves surrounding the flower. Usually spring tree blossoms are pastel, muted. Pinks and whites. The quince is just so […]

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Going Camping Again

On this last day of 2014, I don’t make resolutions, because they fail. Instead I make an intention. Just one that has been on my mind over the last few months. That is to get out and go camping again! These thoughts began about a month ago, and shortly thereafter, I learned about two movies, […]

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The Dewy Dark Forest

Since beginning my latest painting, I’ve been obsessed with the dewy, dark forest. My painting does not have any trees, moss or ferns in it, but I am trying to recreate that magical atmosphere and lighting that you see when you are immersed under a huge canopy of trees that blocks out the sun and […]

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