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My Personal Words of Inspiration for Success

As an artist, and therefore entrepreneur, I consistently give myself pep talks and keep myself on an even keel. My meditation and mindfulness practice has helped enormously with that, keeping me from either becoming too exuberant when I make a sale or celebrate some factor of success. I can also get down in the dumps […]

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Buddha style painting witness earth

Giving Takes Practice

Every morning after meditation, I ask how I may be of service. What can I give? What can I offer to life itself? I open up to any inspiration and signs that may come my way and act on it. Yesterday while my son was in his Thai language class, I went to Berkeley Bowl, […]

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How Your Practice Affects Others

The other evening – it was more like late afternoon about 4:30 or 5 – my 8-year-old son Aidan needed to get his piano practice started. He always gets a resting break for about an hour after his summer camp is done for the day. But today he wasn’t having it and he had a […]

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Noticing Physical Sensations

One of the aspects of my spiritual practice is mindfulness, and many, if not all, teachers say that the main way to be in the present moment is to “be in your body”. As humans we experience the world through our five senses, then getting in touch with how the body experiences each of these […]

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