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My Personal Words of Inspiration for Success

As an artist, and therefore entrepreneur, I consistently give myself pep talks and keep myself on an even keel. My meditation and mindfulness practice has helped enormously with that, keeping me from either becoming too exuberant when I make a sale or celebrate some factor of success. I can also get down in the dumps […]

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Photo credit Kelly Kline

Summer 2014 Intentions

For the second year in a row, since Aidan’s been going to Thai summer school, my work schedule is thrown up in the air and my routine is completely changed. Last year I decided not to stress or get upset that I could not complete as much painting as I would like, and instead, create […]

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The waxing and waning lunar cycle.

Waxing and Waning Practice

The human condition is cyclical, as is everything in nature. Changing seasons, lunar phases, weather patterns – life is waxing and waning like waves. Our attitude and behavior is cyclical too; what gives you great energy today won’t get you fired up a year from now. Waning Meditation Spending quiet time in the mornings is […]

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Two New Meditation Experiences

Body heat during meditation Meditation has been a regular part of my morning every day for the last 3 ½ months, and for the longest time, nothing in particular has been happening. I have been more in the present moment during my day, but my sitting meditation is a constant and patient re-directing of my thinking […]

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How Your Practice Affects Others

The other evening – it was more like late afternoon about 4:30 or 5 – my 8-year-old son Aidan needed to get his piano practice started. He always gets a resting break for about an hour after his summer camp is done for the day. But today he wasn’t having it and he had a […]

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Preventative Healthcare and Wellness

The other day I watched a documentary film on Netflix called Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare. This movie is preaching to the choir when it shows how broken our system is. I choose preventative healthcare and wellness so I don’t get caught like a fish in the net of our disastrous healthcare […]

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