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Behind the Scenes of Ferns 1 – 3

It all began with one small fern painting A couple months ago, a lovely woman whom I work with at my nearby yoga studio knew I was getting ready to hang some new art. I’m the resident artist there, and every few months I switch out with some new pieces. I also show three pieces at […]

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Creative Process for Budding Quince

Years ago when I first encountered a quince blossom, I was blown away at how beautiful it was. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I’m still intrigued at the bright orangy-pink petals and vivid green leaves surrounding the flower. Usually spring tree blossoms are pastel, muted. Pinks and whites. The quince is just so […]

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Tsukubai Painting: Creating Solace

I’ve had such a fascination with the tsukubai lately. That is the beautiful Japanese water urn, usually with a ladle, found in gardens and temples and is meant for purifying the hands and mouth before entering the temple or before a tea ceremony. I’d already painted one before and was really pleased with the results: […]

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My Painting Methods in 2014

During the first year I decided I would be a professional artist, I had to do a lot of exploring. Deciding on my painting style, what about a painting would make it uniquely my own – how would I stand out, in other words. It is during that year of discovery that I have come […]

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Three Things to Notice About My Art

Sometimes you like a piece of art “just because” and it can be difficult to say exactly why. Generally speaking, we are drawn to colors that compliment or contrast, the subject matter itself, and a well-balanced piece. Here are three things for you to notice about my art, so that you’ll know WHY you like it! Balance In […]

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Om Enduring, Om Painting by Amy Tanathorn

Mantra on My Mind

Creative inspirations lately, have been coming fast and deep. A month ago I was all about the refined Japanese style, and suddenly I am moved to my core to express myself through OM and other mantras. One of the reasons I’m so drawn to this topic is because of Deval Primal and Miten, a duo […]

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