Summer 3 for 3 Intention

A week ago, I started a 3 for 3 goal on my blogspot blog. Since that time, I have launched this brand new site, so I am copying that article over here to continue. 

Summer vacation is here for my son and that means that my work schedule for my art will be turned upside down for the next few months. I also have a seasonal gig administering a state test for students speaking another language at home, and that working gig goes from August 5th  through the end of October.



3 Goals in 3 Months

This shakeup of routine means it is an ideal opportunity to do some self improvement. What about setting three goals for the next three months, just to see what happens? I know that starting at the beginning of a month is most ideal, but I believe in the power of now, so I am ready to get started TODAY.

My Goals

Here is what I am going to do until September 17, 2013. Ideally, these should be new habits by then, so it would be best to continue! The first two are easy, the last one, not so much.

1. Meditate in the morning.

Most successful people whom I want to emulate have a daily meditation habit. Being that I practice mindfulness and identify with Buddhist philosophy, then meditation should automatically be something I do every day. I simply fell out of practice, and I need to start it again. Twenty minutes every morning right after getting up and putting the coffee on to brew. Add minutes as needed.

One week update: I’ve discovered that some days I simply need my coffee first. I’m flexible with my state of mind when I get up. If I’m too foggy-brained to possibly be alert during meditation, I’ll read something first while having a cup of coffee.  I had a couple of sittings this week where my focus was completely dissolved and my monkey mind took over.

2. Read something inspirational and motivating after meditation.

My everyday routine would be that once the coffee was brewed, I always would go right on the computer and check my Adsense and affiliate earnings for my online businesses, then go ’round to FaceBook, Google Plus and check email.

Once a person has finished meditation, though, they are open to receive teachings and inspiration much easier. It only makes sense to fill this with inspiring reading, be it spiritual, religious or simply motivational. Let us start the day feeling uplifted, grateful and peaceful.

One week update: The book I chose to begin with is to revisit The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra. I had read this book when it was first published and to re-read it again with more life experience behind me is eye opening. I’ll go into more detail later this week about my fresh insights.

I also bought the book The Tapping Solution, which I will go into much more detail this week. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping combines modern psychology with Chinese acupuncture to help you release blocked up emotions that hold you back from achieving the results you desire.

3. End the mindless entertainment.

I have a bad habit of listening to talk radio. Not the hate-spewing  stuff, just middle of the road local channels here in the Bay Area, be it NPR, KGO or KKSF. I mindlessly turn on the radio when preparing dinner or just when I need to make my coffee. The topics on these shows are interesting, but don’t directly affect my life in a positive way.

I’m also subscribed to all these really interesting podcasts such as Stuff You Should Know, RadioLab, Freakonomics, Useless Information Podcast. These episodes are educational and incredibly interesting.I learn a lot from these podcasts, but when I really look at it, it’s entertainment.

During these next three months, I have put away my radio. I have unsubscribed to these podcasts for the duration of my experiment. I’ll probably resubscribe later on since they are educational, but the radio? It’s not that educational, just talking about the nasty way our world works with corrupt politics and such.

If I still want to listen to something, I am continuing to listen to uplifting and directly beneficial podcasts, such as talks from Dharma Seed and Audio Dharma. I listen to Duct Tape Marketing and Good Life Project.

Occasions when I just walk into the kitchen to grab a drink from the fridge doesn’t mean I turn on the radio any more to see what’s on. It means I am available to my son and husband, who have felt a bit alienated when I always have my earbuds plugged in and they want talk.

One week update: My local library offers free audio books to check out. One that I was able to get is The Icarus Deception, by Seth Godin. It is GOLD with all the wisdom, truth and inspiration it packs. But it is not time for me to absorb it right now. I listened to over half of this book, and it got my brain spinning so fast and out of control in so many different directions and possibilities that it gave me a migraine headache! It quite literally knocked me to the ground with its impact.

I deeply believe in what Seth Godin talks about in his book. So much so that I plan to listen to this book again and buy the paper version and read along and take notes.  But I need to get a better idea of where I am heading first before I dive in with this type of content. So I’ll come back to it later when I’m ready. Lesson learned: Don’t pack in too much information!  

Would you like to try?

If you’re ready to make a change, would you like to come on board with me? I’ll post updates on my personal journey weekly and also share in Google Plus and FaceBook. Comment below or blog about your own 3 for 3 and leave me the link.


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