Summer 2014 Intentions

Photo credit Kelly Kline

I need to get my paintings in front of more people. Art fairs, maybe! Photo credit Kelly Kline  – Creative Commons License

For the second year in a row, since Aidan’s been going to Thai summer school, my work schedule is thrown up in the air and my routine is completely changed. Last year I decided not to stress or get upset that I could not complete as much painting as I would like, and instead, create a new routine that focused on something different besides painting output.

What I did last year

Last year, since I didn’t yet have many paintings created, I focused more on inner development. Spiritual growth and contemplation. I decided to meditate every day, read something spiritual or inspirational and eliminate most entertainment. It was called my Summer 3 for 3 Intention, in that these were new behaviors I wanted to try on for the three months of summer.

And it went well! The habits stayed with me. I don’t have the radio on constantly, although today my downfall is audio books. I’m still being entertained, whether it is a dharma talk or a good piece of fiction like the new novel I just finished by Elisabeth Gilbert called The Signature of All Things. 

Meditation is a discipline I do every day as well. Lately I have been trying out Jappa meditation, which I discovered through Dr. Wayne Dyer when I listened to his audio book, The Power of Intention.  This type of meditation helps with manifestation, and me, being an open-minded person, decided to try it out.

If you are curious to learn more, just do a YouTube search for Wayne Dyer Ah Meditation.

After a couple of times with Dr. Dyer (I don’t like hearing his Ahhhs for so long) I voiced my own affirmations and
intentions.  He calls this kind of meditation “Getting into the Gap” and that Gap is that silence, that void between thoughts or words.

And yes, I am still into reading really amazing, uplifting books. The last one that rocked my world is a book I wrote about called Warrior Pose in my post called Obstacles and Possibility.

Summer 2014 Intentions

This year is a bit different. I have spent the intervening months creating a body work, and I feel some resistance and fear about putting it out there into the world. I had some intuitive clues that have nudged me in the direction of focusing on just that – getting my paintings in front of eyeballs. Real people.

A few days ago I had been re-reading a standby book I have from my favorite artist, Carole Watanabe (who was in my first Artist Spotlight) and stumbled upon the page where she discusses business and entrepreneurship and the artist. I contemplated her words. Listening to The Power of Intention also steered me toward building my business. And then to kick it off, I was listening to Coast to Coast the other night and the guest was Scott Schmaren of Ultimate Visionary Mind, who prompted listeners to write down affirmations and goals for half an hour every morning. What a great idea!

So part of my summer experiment is to do just that. I’m writing down my goals and affirmations first thing when I have some tea and wake up a little bit before meditation. Writing it down is an act of creation, which has it’s own energy. Like the new Jappa meditation, I’m just trying it out to see what happens.

I also got another book recommended to me called Building Your Business the Right Brain Way, by Jennifer Lee. I’ve started carefully reading it and doing the exercises in it. I am committed to doing all the steps in that book to build my art business, like going to more carefully selected networking events and approaching coffee shop owners about putting my work up. I have a cafe in mind right now, a place my yoga teacher recommends and thinks will be a good fit.

Bottom line is, my attention is shifting slightly to focus more on my success in this lifetime. Spiritual pursuit is fine, and I spent the last year intensifying my energy in that realm. I won’t neglect it. I still intend to meditate daily and be inspired spiritually at every opportunity. But I need to spend more time now growing my business so that all beings may benefit.


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  1. Lani June 22, 2014 at 3:21 pm #

    You might also look into Danielle LaPorte’s “core desires” – she puts a new spin on thinking with intention. I’ve watched a couple of interviews via youtube and I really like the way she presents herself. She’s interesting to me because she’s not so “new agey”.

    I like Dr. Dyer. I’ve listened to everything by him. And I like your idea of writing down your summer intentions. I should do that, too!

    • Amy Tanathorn June 23, 2014 at 4:26 pm #

      Thank you for your Danielle LaPorte recommendation, Lani. I have her Firestarter Sessions book on my wishlist – have you read it? Is it worth getting? I’ll look into her core desires and catch those YouTube interviews.
      Let me know if you start writing your intentions. I found it interesting that it is said you must hand write them – typing them in a blog or document doesn’t carry the same creative energy. Reminds me of the exercises I followed in The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.

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