Small Story of Synchronicity


OK, even though my summer intention has been to discontinue listening to the radio, I still tune in to Coast to Coast AM in the wee early morning as my coffee is brewing. The first few hours of the show are re-broadcast on my local station, so I lay down on the sofa for 1/2 hour while I wait for my coffee.

Anyway, one morning, George Noory was interviewing an interesting guest named David Wilcock. Apparently he has quite a following, as I had never heard of him before, but I liked a lot – not all – but a lot of what he had to say. So I looked him up on YouTube and watched some of his videos.

Here is that radio interview I heard. If you don’t have time to listen on your computer, then go here, copy and paste the YouTube URL and it will convert to an MP3 that you listen to on your iPod.

At first I thought David Wilcock was a little kooky. Well, the most interesting people are a bit, aren’t they?

David had some advice about this illusion he calls our earth plane. This is why some of us see number patterns sometimes, like 11:11. I see that sometimes. Play with the synchronicity a little bit, he says, to see if your “higher self” is listening, and ask for a sign, like a penny on the ground.

OK, so I did. I’d been meditating daily, contemplating by being mindful and seeking a higher vibration and I asked to see a penny on the ground. Was all this effort going to be acknowledged? Actually, after I requested that, I asked to see any coin on the ground between now (which was last Wednesday) and the end of the week. I was walking to and from work, so I had ample opportunity to spot a coin on the sidewalk.

So I began to look. But my gut told me that if I look intently, the coin would not appear. It would have to come at me when I am NOT looking, but aware. So on Thursday and Friday I had no luck. I kept scanning the ground – lightly, not intensely, but still with awareness and a desire to see a coin.

Come Saturday my vigilance relaxed and I went on my power walk. Scanning the sidewalk wasn’t happening so much. And what do you think glinted out of the corner of my eye about half way through my walk? A penny! Buried halfway in the dirt up by a tree planted by the sidewalk.

I was thrilled! So I snatched it up and I’m not one to pick pennies off the ground anymore. But this one, obviously, was special. Down the street a little bit, I crossed a bridge over a lagoon and I dropped the penny in, and said thank you for listening. Since that day I have still not seen any coins on the ground.

Coincidence? Or synchronicity?

Do you have a story of synchronicity?


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  1. AmyT August 27, 2013 at 3:39 pm #

    I wanted to add that less than an hour after posting this, I had taken my son to his piano lesson a few blocks away.
    On the way home, I found 2 pennies! One in the dirt by the side of the sidewalk and one at the bus stop. I’ve got an 8-year-old witness to verify my finds! Now what do I do with that?

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