Solace: A Japanese Garden Painting


Size: 24x30x1.75 inches (61×91.5×4 cm)

Acrylic paint, origami papers and tea bag papers on gallery wrapped canvas. Beautifully painted sides, so no need to frame!

This painting is a stone water urn, called a tsukubai, found in Japanese gardens, and it is textured with tea papers to give it a rocky look. A ladle rests on bamboo sticks and a leaves in various stages of turning red surround and overlap the urn.

The background has layers of subtly colored circles emerging from the calming teal background. Origami papers sprinkle the foreground surrounded with texture. Circles are everywhere, in the stone urn, and in the background.

Solace evokes a sense of magic, yet peaceful stillness you might experience in a quiet corner of a Japanese garden. This painting has a grounding effect, creating a calm environment.

Professionals know the value of hanging art like this in their office space to relax their clients and patients. At home, you slow down and mellow out a little, and this painting hanging in just the right spot provides that sense of peace you need after a hurried day.

See how I made this painting, mistakes and all, in this blog post about it.

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For more painting views, click on each photo in the gallery area and enlarge even more by clicking on the upper left corner to see all the detail up close and personal.


Solace, by Amy Tanathorn. Japanese water urn called a Tsukubai, found in Japanese Gardens. 24x30 acrylic, origami and tea papers on gallery wrapped canvas. $650 at


Solace is a relaxing painting, evoking a sense of well-being when imagining yourself in a serene and beautiful Japanese garden.

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Dimensions 24 × 30 × 1.75 in