Dewlike World – Japanese Style Painting Dogwood Flowers


Size: 24x30x1.75 inches (61×91.5×4 cm)

Acrylic paint, origami and tea papers on gallery wrapped canvas. Beautifully painted sides, so no need to frame! Scroll down a little more to see the full photo of the painting.

Against a calming green background, large dogwood blossoms pop out of the canvas. They almost glow! Iridescent pearl paint gives the petals a shimmering quality. Magical dewlike pearls of origami drift down the painting giving you a sense of quiet peace.

The Japanese calligraphy is an old haiku that says:

This dewlike world,
Indeed fleeting like dew;
Yet, yet..

It is also inscribed on the back of the painting so you will never lose the calligraphy’s translation.

Bring a sense of stillness and peace to your home, work place or waiting room. The 24×30 dimension is perfect for a wall space that needs a medium-sized piece of art.

Click on each gallery photo and enlarge even more by clicking on the upper left corner to see all the detail up close and personal.

If you’re interested in the creative process that went into this painting, click here for the photos that inspired the painting, the color scheme and ideas that shaped this vision.


Dewlike World - Japanese Style Painting by Amy Tanathorn 24x30 acrylic on gallery canvas

In this Japanese style painting, dogwood flowers blossom from the serene dark green background. Magical drops of dew float down. Japanese haiku calligraphy.

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Dimensions 24 × 30 × 1.75 in