New Painting, Missed Opportunity and Juried Shows


The last few weeks have had some interesting things happen that I wanted to share with you that can all fit into one blog post.

Introducing A Quiet Place

This is my newest painting above and I just finished it late last week. I’m just real pleased with how it turned out and like many of my other paintings, I took pictures I found as resources and composed the canvas with these elements to make my own whole painting.

The buddha statue used as my reference photo.

The Buddha statue used as my reference photo.

The Buddha came from one of my Pins which originated with a Pinner named Siam Sawadee, a seller in Chiang Mai, Thailand who sells handicrafts on Etsy. I tried and tried to find the original photo of this Buddha, but since I can’t I will link to her Etsy shop; she’s got some lovely things.

This was also the first time I’d ever drawn or painted a Japanese lantern. But I think it turned out really well and it turns out the style of lantern is called Tachi Gata. Who knew, right? I learn all sorts of stuff. The reference photo is also on Pinterest, but the image is heavily watermarked, so clearly the company selling this lantern doesn’t want images copied all over the place. So rather than posting the picture here, go straight to my Pin to see the original for yourself. Then notice how I made it my own by giving it its own color and simplifying it just a bit.

The rocks are made of tea papers and I used the bushes behind it from a wall calendar picture that I like. The willow tree leaves I just made it up. And the rectangle tea papers on the other side of the painting is my signature style – used to balance out the painting and add some visual interest. I had no idea what colors they would be until I was nearly done with it.

I had to really hustle to get the painting finished when I did because I wanted to enter it into my first art show!

Entering Art Shows

One of my marketing strategies to get my work out there is to enter juried art shows. Juried basically means the paintings are judged by other art experts, be they artists themselves or curators, or gallery owners. I entered this piece into a show at Half Moon Bay, CA. I intend to enter my favorite Dewlike World into a juried art show in Sacramento.

This is my way of getting my feet wet. I won’t need to ship these paintings, I can just tke them with my car, should they be selected to exhibit. Wish me luck! I will certainly let you know if I am chosen to show my work.

My Missed Opportunity

I have my professional email address forwarded to my gmail account, and was receiving them just fine, so I thought for a long time that all was well. When I wanted to enter my painting into the show, I wanted to use my professional email account, but it was difficult to log in to my cPanel, pull out my thumb drive to find my password… it was a royal pain! But I eventually got into my account and discovered to my horror that there were several messages from people who had used my contact form on my website that were not forwarded to my gmail account!

One of these messages was from a yoga studio owner who liked one of my Namaste Hands paintings but the one she liked was too small. Could I work with her to customize a larger piece? Oh heck yes!!!  Ok, when was this original message sent? 6 months ago!!!!!

I very nearly cried when I saw that. There is no way she’d want to work with me now. This missed opportunity punched me in the gut and I felt horrible.  I emailed her anyway and told her about the problem I’d had with my contact form and did she have a painting already?

She wrote back and said no worries, that this kind of stuff happens, and she’s since gotten a lovely Anjali Mudra painting for her yoga studio.

Being ever the optimist, I thought to myself, hey, way back in April somebody liked my art enough to want a commissioned piece from me. That picked up my spirits just a little bit.

A contest!

I am so excited to let you know about my first contest. I am going to give away an original painting worth $100! For the next few months, or even longer, I am going to paint a 6×6 original on gallery canvas. I already have the base layer of color and the picture drawn for this month’s prize, a lotus bud opening up. It’s going to be so pretty, and I can hardly wait to show you!

How do you enter? Join my mailing list. That’s all. If you are already on my mailing list, then THANK YOU, you are already entered to win. My mailing list is my Collector’s Circle Newsletter, where you get a monthly bulletin letting you know about what’s been happening with me and my art. You will get exclusive opportunities to buy some of my paintings at a big discount. I won’t share these opportunities on FaceBook or any other social media outlet, It’s all for my loyal subscribers. You can also unsubscribe at any time and I always keep your information private.

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