Meditation Bowl Painting Evolution

I had a lot of fun this month creating the painting for December’s giveaway. At first I didn’t know what to paint and a good friend suggested a meditation bowl. Fantastic idea! I went for it right away, preparing the 6×6-inch canvas with lots of great texture. Today’s post is showing you the process of this painting primarily from my Instagram account, all put into one place here, so you can see how my painting evolved from a line drawing to a finished piece.

Ready? Here we go!


I start with a line drawing of the meditation bowl painting after laying down a general color and texture for the overall canvas.


Next I painted the background a grey color. I chose grey because I wanted to accent the curves of the texture with a burnt orange rusty wash. Orange goes well with grey. It softens the warmth a bit. I also filled in some of the cushion and bowl with opposite colors than what I will use later on to make the colors pop.


First layer of orange wash done. The wash is runny, so this took lots of patience. Lay the color down and let it pool into the texture’s nooks n crannies and let it dry. Then do the same one edge at a time. This step took a while!


Then I went over the background again with an even darker, “dirtier” wash that sort of split the painting in half – you can see that the right side is darker than the top left. I made the edges all darker as well. When that dried, I worked on the cushion, creating light and shadowed areas.


I then worked on the red part of the cushion, and then meditation bowl itself. In the above photo you can see the palette I chose for the brass bowl. Once this step was done, I painted in the wood mallet and then the decorative details of the light sections of the cushion.

The finished piece looks like this:


It is also almost actual size, too. Can you see some of that opposite color peeking through the red parts of the cushion? I like how it makes it pop a bit.

I asked around on social media what I should name this painting. I got lots of fantastic responses, especially off of Google Plus (thank you!) and I finally decided to call it Resonance, based an a FaceBook suggestion.

Win this painting!

Do you like the way Resonance looks? Imagine running your fingers over the texture and putting in a little nook of your home or office space. Can’t you hear it now? The clear harmonic sound when the mallet strikes the side…

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  1. Lani December 11, 2014 at 3:55 am #

    Wow. What a process. What a difference. I just saw the opening picture and thought, “eh” and then I’m like “oh, that’s just the primer”…555 Thanks for showing us how it’s done!

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