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In this continuing journey of mine, which has intensified as the summer wanes, I made some discoveries, and a highlight is Marilynn Hughes. Let me tell you the story of how I came to find this remarkable person.

As you may have seen in my previous post, I had been reading Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda. In one of his later chapters, he describes the materialization of his guru who had passed away some months before. In this chapter, the re-materialized master, Sri Yukteswar, describes the astral plane where he resides, and the planet Hiranyaloka, which has very subtle-bodied souls with extremely high vibrations that are nearly ready to merge with the Source.

On the astral plane

The astral plane is described in the greatest detail. One of the important takeaways is that when our bodies die, our karmic balance creates a certain level of vibration that is naturally compatible on one of the infinite levels of the astral plane. Like a fish to water – it simply cannot live anywhere else. Or to be even more specific, think of saltwater fish who cannot live in fresh water or vice versa.

Anyway, this chapter profoundly affected me and I was on a hunt for more information about the astral plane. I have never had an out of body experience before, nor have I even had a lucid dream, but I sure would like to have this experience!

Marilynn Hughes has been having OBE’s (out of body experiences) for over 30 years and in this state she has the goal of purifying her soul, raising her vibration, and balancing her karma. During the first interview I listened to, she revealed much of the same information that Yogananada wrote during his conversation with resurrected Yukteshwar.

Respect for all

What also impresses me about Marilynn is her respect for the mystics, sages, saints, asectics and prophets from all religions. She has been there, after all, and has seen and communicated with many of these masters. We all go to the same place, it is just told differently through different traditions. She herself sees through the eyes of her Catholicism and she also speaks of guardian angels on the other side. For myself, not a Christian, I see anyway what she is speaking of, though some of these words make people feel uncomfortable. She respects the philosophy and teachings that resonate with me (Buddhist). I read her works with the root spirituality in mind as we all go to the same place, no matter our spirituality or religion, or lack thereof.

Marilynn speaks of her past lives and when you have seen a number of your past lives, you recognize the repeating patterns and the stain of karma that your soul carries. With this knowledge, one may take the steps to balance out that karma. Marilynn has SO much wisdom with her time on the other side, but yet she also has an easy going nature. You can hear it in her voice. She is doing this out of a need to serve and be selfless.

Where to find more on Marilynn Hughes

As a matter of fact, when you visit her website, Out of Body Travel Foundation, you will see that she has authored over 50 books, all of them available for free! She discusses, in her interview, that she was instructed to make this information available by higher beings.

I’ve gotten a couple of PDFs and a few on MP3 so I can listen on my iPod, but I encourage you to purchase some of her titles on Kindle or physical paper to help support Marilynn’s charitable works.

Marilynn’s also got a forum and I’ve even posted a personal question to her regarding a recurring theme I’ve been having in my dreams. She knows about this kind of stuff! She was very kind and replied to my inquiry and was incredibly helpful. I just want to shout from the mountaintops for anyone who is interested in out of body travel and astral projection to be aware of this wonderful person.

Have you had an out of body experience before? Was it spontaneous or a deliberate act? I would love to hear about your experience.


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