Mantra on My Mind

Om Enduring, Om Painting by Amy Tanathorn

Creative inspirations lately, have been coming fast and deep. A month ago I was all about the refined Japanese style, and suddenly I am moved to my core to express myself through OM and other mantras.

One of the reasons I’m so drawn to this topic is because of Deval Primal and Miten, a duo (actually a trio with their amazing flutist) who are mantra musicians that sing in a style that certainly has a LOT of eastern influence, but done in a way that is really appealing to westerners. If you’ve never heard Deval Premal before, I invite you to start with her Gayatri Mantra first, which is her most well-known and deservedly so.

We visual artists are so moved by the music that stirs our souls and we often need music to work through us as we paint.  What the artist feels as he or she is creating is the energy going into that piece. I want my people to feel some of that same positive energy I felt when I was in the midst of the creation process.

The photo above is my first OM painting. I like how it turned out with the crackle paste on the left and right corners, lending it a very old feel. I also carved around the symbol in short strokes, giving it indented texture for a change. I like the warm colors.

I also painted my biggest painting on a 30×40 canvas, but the photos didn’t turn out, so I have to wait until it is done being displayed at the local yoga studio where I have it up for the next month or two. The painting has the OM symbol in different languages/scripts, and is a dark red, but with lots of layers. It looks different depending on the light. Very very dark in some light, and quite bright and red in other direct light. Very interesting!

The painting I’m working on now is a 24×24 lotus piece with an OM symbol and it is going to have the Asatoma mantra on it. So it will fit into two categories! The lotus and the mantra. I will describe the Asotoma mantra in a different post when I am ready to talk about this next painting. Right now it’s still in the underpainting phase and has lots of work to be added!





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