Inner Quest and Outward Art


Over the last eight months or so, I have been delving deeper into my spiritual practices, mostly through meditation, but also through other means. My inner quest is to rest in a place of deep peace with myself, the world, my art, and my place in the universe.

In April last year, I sought help through a professional EFT Tapping coach, to get to the root of a problem I have with underlying fear and security. It’s something we all have, and must deal with, as it is part of the human condition. We are here to learn to transcend through love, kindness, and compassion through our relationships.

One of the books my coach recommended was Many Lives Many Masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss, because I have an interest in reincarnation. Reading the way this psychiatrist stumbled upon past lives through hypnosis and causing compassionate healing in this one was incredibly inspiring, and I hope to be able to do a past life regression at some point.


Tapping into Intuition

By the time my sessions ended with my coach, I had read another book by Dr. Judith Orloff called Second Sight. It was her story on how she, as a psychiatrist trained in western analytical medicine, accepted and embraced her intuitive side and used it in her practice of healing. She said that everyone has an intuitive ability, you just have to work at developing it.

As I didn’t want to have to rely on a professional coach or therapist to guide me for the rest of my life, I knew (intuitively?) that I could count on my inner wisdom.

This exploration has fascinated me for decades, but I never pursued developing this side of myself at all. I got caught up in this physical world, led astray for many years, without focus, and had some fun and meaningful adventures on the way.

Now I need this guidance more than ever. Not only for my own well being but I like to use it for my art as well. What would more intuitive art look like? How would my paintings evolve? The prospect is rather exciting.

Letting Go - Incense painting by Amy Tanathorn. 18x36 acrylic and tea papers on gallery canvas. Meditative, tranquil painting.

“Letting Go” 18×36 inches Tea Papers, Foil and Acrylic on gallery canvas. Click photo for more info.

Inner Quest through Dream Yoga

One of Dr. Orloff’s recommendations for tapping into your intuition is to pay close attention to what your dreams tell you. She gets intuitive insights through her dreams, as well as symbols of what could be recurring underlying issues she would need to work on to evolve and become happier.

She recommends starting a dream journal and that’s what I did. I hardly remember any of my dreams, so I got a nice notebook and I have a portable reading light to write in the dark.

I have about a 40% success rate. I either remember or a don’t, there doesn’t seem to be an in-between.

As I explore developing and listening to my intuition through my dreams, I came across the term Dream Yoga, which is a Tibetan Buddhist practice that is a tool for awakening and preparing for death. The death state is much like the dream state, so if you are able to develop your mind through lucid dreaming, then the transition at death will be much the same way. Our deep sleep consciousness states are much like being in Bardo, that state our souls are in while in between lives.

This fascinates me! Down the rabbit hole of Dream Yoga I go, and the worlds of lucid dreaming and astral travel abound and capture my attention. But Dream Yoga will have to wait because I am SO getting ahead of myself. I can’t remember most of my dreams and I have not developed any kind of intuitive skills yet. I must start there first, then go more into Dream Yoga as a practice later on.

I am very excited to explore the various realms of my inner quest. It informs my art and I know that others have a similar curiosity about such things. If I steadfastly work at this for the rest of my life, perhaps I will get somewhere with it. If not, then maybe in my next life, I will be ready to go forth into the worlds I can only imagine for now.

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  1. Geoff Geiger January 6, 2016 at 8:19 pm #

    This is fascinating, Amy. What a creative, rewarding set of explorations! I look forward to learning more about your inner travels.

    • Amy Tanathorn January 7, 2016 at 12:48 am #

      I look forward to sharing them with you, Geoff! 🙂

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