How I Discovered EFT Tapping

Fingers for tapping

During this summer of more directive rediscovery and self-improvement, I found something that I had felt a bit skeptical about. This is the story of how I discovered EFT tapping.

A couple of weeks ago I was at my parents’ house with Golf (my husband’s Thai nickname) and Aidan (our 8 year-old son) on a visit before Aidan’s yearly Thai language school began. My parents are 69 and 71, and each have their share of health problems. They are both on numerous prescription medications and my dad has Type 2 diabetes that he keeps under fairly good control. So health is a big topic in their home, as it is for many baby boomin’ seniors.

It started with a book

On their lamp table in the living room was a new book that caught my eye. Mind Over Medicine, by Dr. Lissa Rankin.¬† Hmmm… I am intrigued, because I have always felt strongly in the body’s ability to heal itself if given the chance to do so. ¬†Then I opened the book and began to read.

I discovered EFT tapping in here!

I spent a big chunk of time nodding my head in agreement and devouring the interesting anecdotal stories of healing. The scientific proof and research could not be ignored as well, and while I skimmed the real technical parts of the book, I appreciated it being there.

Well, our visit was nearly coming to an end and I didn’t have enough time to read the entire book, so I skipped to the back where Lissa has her own “Personal¬†Prescription” for healing. There she has a list of resources, recommendations and practices that have helped her on her life-changing journey.

In the section under BELIEFS, Dr. Rankin mentions EFT Tapping for eliminating limiting beliefs about yourself.

Whoa, wait a minute, really? This is coming from a medical doctor?!?

I had seen EFT tapping videos before and I think I tried it out once many years ago. It looks funny and you sound a bit like a crazy person doing it. But what is it?

What is EFT tapping?

To keep it simple, EMT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping combines the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture with modern psychology. You tap with your fingers on a set of points on your head and upper body. These points are acupuncture points on the meridian lines in your body. Meridians are energy lines that go through the body.

As western medicine becomes more open to eastern medical traditions, more is being learned about the mind/body connection, hence the more attention EFT tapping is getting and the more western doctors are recognizing its legitimacy in the world of real healing.

You want to know more? The Tapping Solution has a really nice overview that is easy to understand, along with a video to demonstrate how to tap and a graphic image on where to tap.

I have to give this a try

OK, so a real medical doctor, whose book I just read and agree with, whose opinion I respect, is saying EFT tapping worked for her limiting beliefs. I’m ready to open myself to this again, from the beginning.

I quite certainly have some limiting beliefs about myself. In the area of finance, something is clearly going on that is blocking me from receiving abundance. I have worked incredibly hard and have very little to show for it, and I have to think something else is going on that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with the long hours I’ve put into my business endeavors.

That link I directed you to earlier? That goes to The Tapping Solution, which is also a book and DVD about how well tapping works, how it works and why. I bought that book right away and have done a few sessions on myself.

I’ve dug into my past before, and I had a feeling that some of the issues I’ve dealt with are still lingering, so I tapped on those. One of my problems is that you are to evaluate the intensity of the problem after a round or two of tapping, and for me, rating an emotional intensity is very difficult, unless it is very clearly joyous or obviously gut wrenching.

One of my blocks – yours too?

One session did actually stirred enough emotion in me to bring tears. A session where I addressed my childhood experience of being told that all children should be seen and not heard. Sound familiar? Many of us kids were taught this when we were little.

How did you come through if you were taught this value?

Being a good little girl, I never challenged my mother’s authority, and so I never spoke up. I never asked questions, never sought opportunity. Pretty soon, I forgot what opportunity even looked like. Not once did I seek advice or mentorship from teachers or counselors while growing up.

One of my deep regrets was not becoming an exchange student in high school. When I was a freshman, I’d heard of an older student in my school who’d gotten to go to Finland. I thought that that was so cool. I wonder how she did it. She didn’t come from a rich family, so far as I knew (we lived in a small town in central Washington State with lots of farmers).

Later on, when we’d moved to Seattle, and then on to Sacramento, I had met the foreign exchange students. There was a girl from Germany whom I befriended. The shy Japanese girl was in my Foreign Language Interest Club. The guy from Norway was HOOOOTTT!!!!

Did I talk to my French teacher about becoming an exchange student and ask how these students did it? No. It simply didn’t even occur to me to ask. Because I’d been so used to not speaking up, I’d lost my ability to simply inquire about something I was curious about. My only thoughts were, “Oh, that’s nice, how lucky of them.” and I moved on. Missed opportunities again and again.

I’m certain that this has had an effect on me and my problems with keeping focused and having clarity about my life. Having abundance financially means that you know what opportunity looks like because you know how to seek it out by talking to people and asking questions. I’d say that a problem I’ve had is not even knowing who to talk to or what to ask. Seriously.

Note: I do not BLAME my mother. She was just doing her best and she raised me with lots of love. But you can be sure that I am raising my son to ALWAYS ask questions, don’t be afraid to ask people because they generally want to help and seek out answers if the solution isn’t obvious.

So I tapped on this issue. This is a BIG one!!! Now my question is, do I just tap on it one time? How many rounds? Am I sure I got to the bottom of this since it stirred up enough emotion that it made me cry? It’s a big ugly weed in my garden that needs to be pulled out by the roots, and I’m just not sure if I hacked off the top and left the bottom to still fester.

And because of this question, I am seriously considering booking a session with a professional. Soon.

Now I want to hear from you. Have you tried tapping? What were your results? Or how about Dr. Rankin’s book, Mind Over Medicine? What do you think about the mind’s ability to let the body heal on its own?




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  1. Harry July 1, 2013 at 10:50 pm #

    HI Amy. My name is Harry Pickens, and I am an EFT practitioner (AAMET Level 3, Pro EFT Master, AMT Energy EFT Master Practitioner) with 700 hours of client experience thus far. I would be delighted to gift you a 90 minute session to help resolve the issue you write about, no strings attached. I’m quite sure we can get to the roots and leave you in a place of inner peace and empowerment. If you’re interested, respond to All the best! Harry

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