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Learning as I Paint

The theme I’m currently working on and obsessed with is Japanese gardens. Zen Gardens. There is something so grounding, so peaceful about the scenery that I want to paint it and share it with you, so you might feel some of that magic, too. What I did not expect is all the learning I’m experiencing. […]

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Feeling stuck with my painting

Week before last, I’d been working on a bonsai-style tree painting, and it was not going the way I had envisioned at all. Many times I go with it when my painting does not evolve into what I had in mind, afterall the journey is an interesting ride. In many cases my painting turns out […]

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Blocked with Fear and Business Deals

Early this morning after my meditation, I tried a new exercise. I tried a Fast Forwarding mental exercise that meant imagining myself in the future with all the abundance I could want. Living in my dream home. Having my ideal mate (lucky me, I have him already!) What would it look like? I was to […]

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How I Discovered EFT Tapping

During this summer of more directive rediscovery and self-improvement, I found something that I had felt a bit skeptical about. This is the story of how I discovered EFT tapping. A couple of weeks ago I was at my parents’ house with Golf (my husband’s Thai nickname) and Aidan (our 8 year-old son) on a […]

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