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Om Enduring, Om Painting by Amy Tanathorn

Mantra on My Mind

Creative inspirations lately, have been coming fast and deep. A month ago I was all about the refined Japanese style, and suddenly I am moved to my core to express myself through OM and other mantras. One of the reasons I’m so drawn to this topic is because of Deval Primal and Miten, a duo […]

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The waxing and waning lunar cycle.

Waxing and Waning Practice

The human condition is cyclical, as is everything in nature. Changing seasons, lunar phases, weather patterns – life is waxing and waning like waves. Our attitude and behavior is cyclical too; what gives you great energy today won’t get you fired up a year from now. Waning Meditation Spending quiet time in the mornings is […]

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An Abundant Universe

I’ve been opening myself up to all possibilities and this attitude of an abundant universe was recently inspired by another new audiobook I’ve listened to by Marianne Williamson called The Law of Divine Compensation.  Williamson encourages us to ask for what we want and to surrender everything else to Cosmic Consciousness or God. (whichever term […]

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Share Your Truth

Yesterday I listened to a talk via podcast from last week by a favorite teacher of mine named James Baraz.  He has weekly talks at the Berkeley Insight Meditation Community and I went to see him in person last month. His talk this week really resonated with me; he titled it The Courage to be […]

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Two New Meditation Experiences

Body heat during meditation Meditation has been a regular part of my morning every day for the last 3 ½ months, and for the longest time, nothing in particular has been happening. I have been more in the present moment during my day, but my sitting meditation is a constant and patient re-directing of my thinking […]

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Accept, Change or Remove

Earlier this month I got my new Audible credit so I could get a new audio book to listen to. One of the books on my wishlist that I’d been wanting for awhile is The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. I’d heard of him and his book many times over the years, but I […]

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