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Dewlike  World - Japanese Style Painting by Amy Tanathorn 24x30 acrylic on gallery canvas

Creative Process for A Dewlike World

Shortly after finishing A Windbell, I knew I wanted to continue with another haiku Japanese style painting. I had just the haiku in mind, because I had an image of the calligraphy, and the translation was quite beautiful. The haiku reads: This dewlike world, Indeed fleeting like dew; Yet, yet.. I just needed an idea […]

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Om Enduring, Om Painting by Amy Tanathorn

Mantra on My Mind

Creative inspirations lately, have been coming fast and deep. A month ago I was all about the refined Japanese style, and suddenly I am moved to my core to express myself through OM and other mantras. One of the reasons I’m so drawn to this topic is because of Deval Primal and Miten, a duo […]

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Exploring Japanese Style Painting

I like to work within themes, painting similar subjects within that theme. So far I’ve painted lotus flowers, Namaste hands, and some flowers and leaves. The next theme I’m exploring is Japanese style painting, using subjects and calligraphy that somewhat resembles that cultural tradition. Why Japanese? As an outsider looking into this world, I am […]

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