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Going Camping Again

On this last day of 2014, I don’t make resolutions, because they fail. Instead I make an intention. Just one that has been on my mind over the last few months. That is to get out and go camping again! These thoughts began about a month ago, and shortly thereafter, I learned about two movies, […]

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Photo credit Kelly Kline

Summer 2014 Intentions

For the second year in a row, since Aidan’s been going to Thai summer school, my work schedule is thrown up in the air and my routine is completely changed. Last year I decided not to stress or get upset that I could not complete as much painting as I would like, and instead, create […]

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The waxing and waning lunar cycle.

Waxing and Waning Practice

The human condition is cyclical, as is everything in nature. Changing seasons, lunar phases, weather patterns – life is waxing and waning like waves. Our attitude and behavior is cyclical too; what gives you great energy today won’t get you fired up a year from now. Waning Meditation Spending quiet time in the mornings is […]

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Buddha style painting witness earth

Giving Takes Practice

Every morning after meditation, I ask how I may be of service. What can I give? What can I offer to life itself? I open up to any inspiration and signs that may come my way and act on it. Yesterday while my son was in his Thai language class, I went to Berkeley Bowl, […]

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Exploring Quiet

One of my intentions when I began this blog was to post regularly. I was doing that for a number of months and the main reason for posting here is to chronicle my inner journey as I find more focus and clarity. As I learn and become more aware, the clarity is increasing, but the […]

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Noticing Physical Sensations

One of the aspects of my spiritual practice is mindfulness, and many, if not all, teachers say that the main way to be in the present moment is to “be in your body”. As humans we experience the world through our five senses, then getting in touch with how the body experiences each of these […]

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Scattered and Fragmented

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to explore how and why I have trouble with focus and concentration. It is an issue I’ve dealt with my entire life, from the time I was in high school. Only recently has some topics caught my interest enough to become passionate about them. One […]

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Remember Our Humanity

The audio book I’m listening to right now is Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead, by Brene Brown. In it she says something that really struck me to the core of my being and it was incredibly sad because I had seen been around […]

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3-for-3 Update

Today was the first day I kinda messed up with my new summer routine. I have a bit of a good excuse for not meditating this morning first thing, and for not reading something inspirational. I was planning a day trip with my son out to Muir Beach, which would take about an hour or […]

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