Blocked with Fear and Business Deals

timid as a mouse

Early this morning after my meditation, I tried a new exercise. I tried a Fast Forwarding mental exercise that meant imagining myself in the future with all the abundance I could want. Living in my dream home. Having my ideal mate (lucky me, I have him already!) What would it look like? I was to imagine all my goals accomplished, book written, and business partners with sweet deals going on.

That part, the one with business partners? It felt like a loud scratch on a record in my mind. I knew right away that I needed to not necessarily do some EFT tapping on my future self, but on my fear of business dealings.

Fear of doing business

I clearly have some anxiety about doing business. I’ve always been an employee and received a regular paycheck for my work. My online businesses are affiliate-based, which means I just sign up online. Deeper inquiry with this unease led me to these observations:

  • I’ve never done business before. I plan to sell my paintings. Because I haven’t sold my own product before, this is fear of the unknown.
  • I have a fear of looking stupid, naive and ignorant when approaching potential business partners or clients.
  • I have a fear of being cheated or taken advantage of.
  • And I have a fear of having to hard sell or convince someone.

Look to those who’ve done it

After getting out all these aspects of my fears about doing business, I thought about all the successful people whom I had heard interviewed and who told their stories about their rise to success. Some of the points I remember are:

Entrepreneurs wing it all the time.

Most have said they had no idea what they were doing, but they tried anyway and kept at it til something worked out.

People do business with friends and trusted persons.

I’ve been listening to The Good Life Project and watching the interviews on YouTube. Some of the guests I’d heard of before, and some of these guests are later interviewers with other entrepreneurs I know of. It all goes around in a circle and once you’ve been looking in a niche, you realize how tight everybody is.

I also remember listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio. He’s got one of the BEST methods for getting and staying out of debt whether or not you agree with his politics and religion. Lots of the products, books and services he endorses are from friends of his. Do business with friends and you won’t have to worry about being taken advantage of.

 It is OK to make mistakes.

Every successful person makes lots of them. Some of them are doozies, most of them are small. But you know what? You believe in yourself and your mission strongly and it pushes you forward despite the obstacles.

Give yourself more credit

While I have not done business deals in my past, I HAVE entered into the realm of the unknown and succeeded. If something is intimidating you because of  your fears, think about what you have done in your past where you stepped into the unknown and you rose to the occasion.

I think about what I’ve done in my past that was pretty amazing.

For one, I trekked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal by myself back in 2001 and it took me 21 days. Nobody could go with me, but I wanted to do this so I just went. I met up with other backpackers and trekked with them, so I wasn’t hiking ALONE alone, but you know what I mean. Having no companion did not stop me from going for it and I did it! And I certainly had never done it before… 

Another thing I’m proud of is that I picked up my life and moved to Thailand. Yeah, 2001 was a big year for me because when I was done with my time in Nepal I went on to Bangkok. It was a one-way ticket with the hope of getting a job teaching English.

I’d never met the school director I had been corresponding with; she just expressed an interest in me and she picked me up at the airport. I had to have complete trust in her and my living situation that it would work out. I had saved enough money to have some choices (ALWAYS a good plan no matter what you’re doing!) and fortunately it worked out. And I had certainly never done this before… 

So you see? I’m just scared of facing the unknown, really. Frame it with helping out friends and friends helping out you. Make new friends! Network! Successful persons have lots of relationships and know how to be of service to them. You don’t have to be a hard sell to your friends and acquaintances. You won’t have to sell a thing, because they are actively buying from you.

That sounds a lot more approachable, now doesn’t it!

How have you dealt with something blocking you out of fear? What was it? How did you reframe it so you could work through your issue? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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