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Dream Tara

Back in December I wanted to pursue lucid dreaming. It is something I had considered before, because it is just so cool – I find that exploring consciousness and going inside and developing the mind to be the ultimate adventure. And it also happens that Tibetan Buddhism has a Dream Yoga practice, which I found […]

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The Winds of Change and Uncertainty

Weekly blog posts have stopped over the last five months, as you have seen by the archives to the right. Tumultuous turmoil entered my life and to make a long story short, like most artists, I have to bring in a secondary source of income to help support the family. When this reality made itself […]

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Behind the Scenes of Ferns 1 – 3

It all began with one small fern painting A couple months ago, a lovely woman whom I work with at my nearby yoga studio knew I was getting ready to hang some new art. I’m the resident artist there, and every few months I switch out with some new pieces. I also show three pieces at […]

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Creative Process for Budding Quince

Years ago when I first encountered a quince blossom, I was blown away at how beautiful it was. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I’m still intrigued at the bright orangy-pink petals and vivid green leaves surrounding the flower. Usually spring tree blossoms are pastel, muted. Pinks and whites. The quince is just so […]

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My Personal Words of Inspiration for Success

As an artist, and therefore entrepreneur, I consistently give myself pep talks and keep myself on an even keel. My meditation and mindfulness practice has helped enormously with that, keeping me from either becoming too exuberant when I make a sale or celebrate some factor of success. I can also get down in the dumps […]

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5 Artists on Instagram to Follow

This is a new feature I’m beginning today. I’m constantly looking for art that inspires me or just makes me feel great. The art doesn’t have to be the same style as mine, certainly, but I want to share these artists with you to help put their work out into the world. Instagram is my favorite social […]

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Transcendence #4 - Small Japanese Buddha Painting 8x8 acrylic on gallery canvas $120

Painting as a Metaphor for Life

Over the last seven days, I’ve started a new large painting and as I am about mid-way through the thoughts and feelings occurred to me again how painting a piece of artwork is like a metaphor for life. You have an idea for what you want it to look like, you sketch it out, lay […]

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