Artist Spotlight: Robert Burridge


Many times an artist I admire whole heartedly does not necessarily paint in the same style or have the same themes that I do. I just like their work! It was that way when I came across artist Robert Burridge one day while looking through one of my art magazines and he was in an article about loosening up.

I was drawn immediately to his paintings – vivid colors and whimsical shapes that took on a carefree energy. I also liked his energy, his positivity and overall optimistic look on life. He paints mostly in sort of an abstract contemporary style and what I saw first was his vibrant colors.


Robert paints with acrylic paints, with lots of water, and he paints in a loose style where he moves from his arm, rather than his wrist. He’s been known to paint with a brush attached to a long stick, something another artist I admire, Carole Watanabe, also recommends. Also he paints on gesso-treated watercolor paper instead of canvas. These are all different styles than what I do personally, but I still love what he does and can learn from the way he does his thing…

He teaches, too!

If you like this style and you’re an artist, you can learn how to do it too! One of my obstacles is getting to “tight” with my paintings, and I need to remember to take it easy, loosen up and enjoy myself. The painting ends up looking better. It is not a high priority for me to attend a workshop of his at this juncture of my life, but I would love to some day. But if you can’t make it to a workshop he’s got stuff for sale!


Me with my Bob Burridge workbook, my bracelet that says “PERMISSION” and this cool, handy color wheel that has helped tremendously!

I bought his workbook called Loosen Up, which are studio notes, tips and tricks to creating a painting with good balance, good color combinations and pleasing subjects. He also gives pointers on photographing and critiquing your own art work. It really is a fine resource, and after picking it up again today to review for this blog post, it reminds me that I should read it over again.

Appeals to artists AND collectors

What is unique about Robert Burridge, in my opinion, is that he is probably just as well known to other artists as he is to collectors of fine art. We artists seek out mentors: successful artists who have knowledge to share on how they got there. Collectors want paintings that appeal to them and that hold or increase their value over time. He has fans on both sides, and is an inspiration to look up to.

So do go over to his website and take a look at his stunning paintings. I think you will be really impressed at the variety of subjects he paints and the many styles that he incorporates – and you still know it’s him by looking at each piece. Spend a few minutes and indulge yourself in some colorful, fun paintings. And if you’re in the San Luis Obispo area, he will be having an open studios tour October 11-12, 2014.

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