An Abundant Universe

Lotus My Sanctuary

“My Sanctuary” 18×18 acrylic paint and tea papers on gallery wrapped canvas.

I’ve been opening myself up to all possibilities and this attitude of an abundant universe was recently inspired by another new audiobook I’ve listened to by Marianne Williamson called The Law of Divine Compensation.  Williamson encourages us to ask for what we want and to surrender everything else to Cosmic Consciousness or God. (whichever term makes you feel more comfortable). She says that the Universe is a kind and loving place, but if you see it through the lens of scarcity and lack, then that’s what you shall also receive. What you put out you get in return.

I have two little stories of how my art has led me to some divine compensation that I feel so much gratitude for.

My divine compensation in yoga

Which brings me to my point of today’s post. I’ve currently been taking one yoga class per week. Even with buying a class pack of 10, it still works out to $12 per class, and that’s $48 per month, which is more than my husbands gym membership and he can go every day if he wants. In other words, yoga is too expensive for me to do more than once per week, according to the budget I have to work with. I’d love to go more often and ideally, three days a week would make such a huge difference in my body’s fitness, health and well being.

However, I do have a relationship with the yoga studio owner. I have two of my paintings displayed on consignment in the studio, as I feel that yoga patrons are a large part of my target market. Another friend of mine suggested that I ask for a work/trade arrangement with the owner, and I thought that was a brilliant idea. Then a few days later, a newsletter arrived from the yoga studio into my inbox and it mentioned that some work/trade opportunities were available!

It was time to change out my paintings anyway, so I contacted the owner and I got in a nice visit, put some new art up on the walls, and asked her about work trade. She was incredibly generous in that she allowed me to tidy up the studio before my favorite weekday morning class TWICE A WEEK!!!! I can now take my son to school, walk straight to the studio and clean it up before my teacher and other students arrive. It could not have worked out better. And since these two classes are compensated by work, I still have my paid class pack available and I can return to my favorite weekend teacher and take her class on Saturday mornings. Three times the yoga I was getting before asking. I am humbled before the powers that be.

My divine compensation in holistic health care

Late last year I participated in a gift fair at the same yoga studio – by asking if I could join in! And at that gift fair, I met a husband/wife chiropractic care team. I chatted particularly with Dr. Suzie, who, like me, is a Caucasian  woman with an Asian husband (we are becoming more common!). I learned more about her work and though I have never sought chiropractic care, I was interested in her holistic health approach as she not only practices spinal care, but also teaches yoga and gives nutrition advice and practices functional medicine.

I really like that and think that is what health CARE is all about. Practice preventative care before you become ill. I am fortunate and don’t have any health issues and hope that by taking care of my body, it will stay in good condition.

Anyway, Suzie was also interested in my paintings, so we decided on four of them to put into her office that is shared with an acupuncturist, a massage therapist and her husband’s separate office. People who are interested in health and well being are also a part of my target market, mostly because I paint subjects that people who seek peace or feel at peace might resonate with. I like to think I paint spiritual well-being and if you have the wherewithal to seek care from any of these practitioners, then my art might speak to you as well.

My art spoke to Suzie! She loved a couple of my paintings that take on a Japanese Mt. Fuji sort of look. She said she would actually be disappointed if they sold, and was interested in doing a trade for care. I said, “Take down those sale signs down right away!” meaning that I agreed with her offer.

So now I am getting a lot of holistic care from her. I am REALLY excited about getting started with her tomorrow and see how I can have even better health so that I can have the energy and clarity to produce great art. She loves her new paintings – they give her joy. I felt joy creating them and now feeling this exchange of positive energy. This is divine compensation.

To this abundant universe I give a profound and humble bow of gratitude for bringing these opportunities into my life. It is exactly what I need.

Do you have any stories of divine compensation you’d like to share? I’d love to read about them, so please give a comment below.

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