Adding Small Paintings to the Mix


I’ve heard so many bits of advice to get my paintings out there in the world, and two things I’ve heard are:

  1. Paint BIG
  2. Paint SMALL

Dang it, so which do I do? I’ve sold one of my larger paintings, and I have several more paintings on these 30×40-inch canvases – which are really only medium-large compared with some of the LARGE paintings I’ve seen up on walls. Having larger pieces sets the ceiling for my highest price and I go down from there.

However, small paintings are more accessible to fans who can afford $150 or less for an original piece of art, but don’t have it in their budget for several hundred dollars and higher for the larger works. Small paintings are great to buy as gifts, too. One of my best friends bought an 8×8 lotus painting in December for her mother for Christmas. Her mom loves it and it is hanging in her office space.

I like to keep the subject simple for these little works of art. Working in tiny minute detail is a skill I have not done well yet, but by choosing to work this way forces me to work on this. So far I have quite a few Buddha faces and lotus flowers. They are well-loved. I think the next round will be more botanicals. Spring is coming and flowers are always a good choice!

Small paintings in a monthly drawing

The smallest paintings I’ve made are 6×6 gallery wrapped canvases, and I actually give those away. As part of an incentive to join my monthly email newsletter, you would be automatically entered in a monthly drawing to win the piece I painted for that month. I’ve had three so far: first month was a lotus flower, second was a meditation bowl and last month was a mountain.

For February, I had the suggestion to do something with cherry blossoms, and I really liked that idea. The next few giveaways will be on 6×8 canvases – a little larger. Only because the 6×6 size was out of stock! Join my mailing list if you liked those paintings and would like a chance to win one every month.

Small paintings showcasing new subjects

If you clicked on the lotus link or the mountain link two paragraphs up, you went to my Instagram account. That is the social media platform where I’m most active and I intend to hold my first giveaway there within the next week.


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This is not the best photo – but it gives you an idea. I’m enamored with mushrooms! I love moss and fern, too, but mushrooms are the easiest to paint and to test the waters, I’m painting them on these little panels and giving them away to my Instagram fans in a contest. It’s a great way to get my art out there, gain new fans and try out a subject that isn’t an element in any ongoing series I’ve already established on my website.

I’m painting something with botanicals next. What would you like to see? Fiddlehead fern, lily of the valley, dogwood, or a fairy lantern?



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