Nourishing Self-Care on Your Walls

You’re an advocate for taking good care of yourself and your well-being. You know that to thrive and to be highly effective, your body, mind and spirit must be in alignment. So you strive for that alignment, and perhaps you’re a professional who helps others to achieve that balance in whole-hearted health.

You also understand that having the right environment within your space is important to nurturing a state of relaxation and helps you and others let go of anxiety.

mountain paintings in chiropractor's office hallway

These two paintings are at home in a chiropractic/holistic wellness center.

Think about the rooms in your own home. Where would you most like to have a visual reminder to focus, take a few deep breaths and center yourself? Your home is your sanctuary, your place to recharge so you can go out into the world every day and put your best self out there. Imagine what the art on your walls looks like and how the pieces make you feel inside.

Now visualize the types of spaces that you encounter and the art that the walls have or need:

  • Yoga studio
  • Waiting room
  • Examination room or private office (chiropractor, dentist, coach, acupuncturist, massage therapist, mental health professional, psychological therapist)
  • Day spa
  • Law office

Each of these places creates an environment of serenity or seeks to calm your nerves you if you’re in a state of anxiety (like a dental  or law office for example).

Amy Tanathorn Artist Painting Our Awakening

Meet Amy Tanathorn

Paintings for your well being

I’m Amy Tanathorn, and I create paintings for your best self. These works evoke a calming, grounding energy so you can be your best as you reach for the stars. Stress melts away as you experience my paintings. You feel renewed focus when you return to work and offer your gifts to the world.

I an emerging artist from the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area. I paint well being, peace and happiness using acrylic paints and other materials such as origami and tea bag papers, gold and silver leaf and tissue papers.

Colors that leap out and textures you want to touch comprise the foundation of all my paintings. The subjects vary, but they have one thing in common: they are intended to make you feel good. Or peaceful. Or happy. Something positive to make our world a better place, one person at a time.

Spiritual beginnings

Starting this website as a blog only, I shared my thoughts and insights when I decided to delve more deeply into my spiritual practice. I practice Vipassana meditation, and my entire adult life I’ve leaned toward Eastern philosophy, be they Vedic / yogic teachings or the Buddha Dharma.

A few western teachers also had a huge influence on my views. Eckhart Tolle, especially. He basically says much of what the Buddha already taught, but he says it in a way that resonates very deeply.

Around this time a few years ago my art was finding its unique expression. Contemporary for the mixed media, geometric shapes and bold colors, yet traditional for the subject matter. I like to think it is a fresh way of seeing. Hmm… kind of like waking up spiritually, I guess. Seeing the world anew.

Eckhart says we cannot change anyone but ourselves, and that “a new earth” comes about one individual at a time. My intention is to raise that vibration, if even a little, by creating paintings that bring you a sense of joy.

This is my service to humanity.

I’d love to stay in touch!

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And now a little more back story if you’re still with me…

To blog or not to blog?

When I decided to offer my art to you for online purchase and make this site about my paintings, I debated myself whether I should just write about my art, or keep my older entries that pertained toward other aspects of my life.

Well, my art and my life are one, really, and if you resonate with my words, perhaps you will also connect with my paintings, or vice versa.

In my blog I talk about books that I’m getting into – from Autobiography of a Yogi to the audiobook series Game of Thrones. Some topics are not so serious, and some are profound life lessons. Lots of my posts are about how my life influences my art and my feelings about each painting. The inspiration behind each piece.

I like to write about topics that I find very important to society as a whole, which range from preventative health care/well-being and quality of life to mindful living and the lessons learned.

Teaching 2nd grade in Bangkok, Thailand in 2002. The masks on the wall were a school-wide art project!

A little more about my past

I was born and raised from late teens in California, while my childhood was spent in rural Washington state. I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly twenty years. If you don’t include the four year interlude I spent living and teaching English (and Art!)  in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was there I met my Thai husband, and we married in a Buddhist temple in 2004. Just over a year later, my son Aidan was born. We returned to the Bay Area shortly  thereafter.

I’ve always been an artist, but it has only been recently that I decided to fully pursue it as my full-time occupation. While my university degree is in graphic design, I have taken quite a few art classes, but my painting techniques are self-taught.

Here’s to your opening heart and spirit,


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