5 Artists on Instagram to Follow


This is a new feature I’m beginning today. I’m constantly looking for art that inspires me or just makes me feel great. The art doesn’t have to be the same style as mine, certainly, but I want to share these artists with you to help put their work out into the world.

Instagram is my favorite social media platform and that’s where I’m spending (too much of) my time cruising around through the photos and looking at different hashtags, finding interesting accounts to follow.

In my search for some artists on Instagram to share with you, I looked around with hashtags. I found these five artists with #colorfulart, #originalart, #myart or #originalart. It was a great way to explore and find some really neat work!


Adam Wolpert

The first thing I noticed about @adam_wolpert was his oak trees. We get the same kind of oak tree growing here in California very predominately, so this tree is near and dear. He is actually more into abstracts presently, as his trees and landscapes date back to 2009. His present series of paintings have a circular vortex-like subject in each piece. It’s pretty cool. Check out more of his work on his website.



Joanna Posey

I think I was looking under #colorfulart when I saw @joannaposey and her chunky, vibrant abstract landscapes. She makes oil paintings on canvases and watercolors and oil on paper paintings, too. I’ve seen some chunky flower paintings that are absolutely lovely. Joanna  is currently featuring a giveaway on her account, and the prize is another absolutely gorgeous landscape. See her website and follow her on FaceBook.



Daniel Dearborn

I first saw Daniel’s trees and landscapes and thought of some of the vibrant art styles from the Group of Seven painters from Canada. A Canadian, too, @danieldearbornarts has bright and stunning impressionist paintings that make you pause and catch your breath. From close-up trees and cottages to vast mountain vistas, you will be stunned at Daniel’s work.  Join him on Facebook and his website.


nikol-wikmanNikol Wikman

One type of art I really enjoy is somewhere in between expressionist and abstract. I like a suggestion of what something is, created in such a way that you get to use your imagination with it. There is a lot of intuition and feeling about it. When I came across the beautiful paintings on @nikolwikman ‘s account, I was immediately mesmerized. The painting above makes me think of tiny little birds or butterflies that start out as flowers, then fly up, up, up and away toward the sun! She probably has a completely different story about this piece and you will want to find out her story on her website or on her FaceBook page.


Marc Broadway

When I was browsing through lots of different colorful, vibrant art photos, one of the paintings by @marcbroadwayart caught my eye. I’m not personally drawn toward animal paintings, but Marc’s works of art are so energetic, I couldn’t help but fall in love. I adore all the cat faces he paints, from grumpy to playful. He specializes in realistic zebra eyes, and it’s true, they are absolutely beautiful. Dog and horse lovers will find lots of beautiful pieces as well. Follow Marc’s FaceBook page that shows more of his art.


Aren’t these artists on Instagram talented? Let’s give them some applause and comment love. Also, if you know of another artist on Instagram that you’d like me to know about, include them (and their username) in the comments below. If you’re not on Instagram, be sure to like these artists’ FaceBook pages!

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2 Responses to 5 Artists on Instagram to Follow

  1. susan Johnson March 12, 2015 at 2:08 am #

    I think you should also look at the abstract expressionistic works by alibstudioart on instagram. They are color forward , intuitive, and expressive. They range from powerful to ethereal.

    • Amy Tanathorn March 12, 2015 at 10:41 pm #

      I will certainly take a look, Susan. Thank you for the recommendation!

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