3 Shifts in Perspective

mountain paintings in chiropractor's office hallway

Two of my mountain paintings of one of my collectors, who has it in the hallway of her waiting room in a wellness center.

One weekly task I do was taken from artist and mentor Ann Rea where she states in her blog post:

One of the requirements of my mentoring program is that artists are required to send a weekly email update before midnight each Sunday, to share their:

  1. Progress towards their SMARTER goal
  2. Their focus for the week ahead
  3. Any insights they have gained or shifts in perspective

Now I’m not yet one of Ann’s coaching clients, but she doesn’t post all this valuable information on her blog for nothing. So I’ve decided to report to myself every Sunday in a journaling exercise asking myself these same three questions. Last week I had some valuable insights  and shifts in perspective I thought I’d share.

I won’t bore you with #1 or #2; they are not really interesting to anybody else, but I will describe three thought provoking instances I had that may bring some value.

Insight 1: More value = more money

I’m crazy for listening to podcasts. I have discovered so many good ones and have learned SO much. One of my favorites is the I Love Marketing podcast with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. I’ve learned a LOT and appreciate the psychology of human beings the more I’ve learned about marketing.

Anyway, Tony Robbins was interviewed on a recent episode, promoting his new book MONEY – Master the Game.
One thing he said stuck out in my mind the most about the interview was that the number of people you serve and bring value to, the more money comes to you.

He talked about Warren Buffet and what he learned from him, such as if you want to make 10 times more money than what you are making right now in the same amount, you have to find a way to bring value to 10 times as many people.The more you do for others, the more you earn.

And another thing he pointed out was how important it is to invest in yourself, and to grow constantly. There is no greater investment you can make than your own personal improvement.

All this in the first 20 minutes!

How does this relate to my art? I need to get my art in front of more people like you and bring value to them by talking about my art, telling stories around my art, sharing my experiences.

And then with improving myself, well, I’ve just invested in some online courses on art marketing because I need expert guidance so I can get get to more people in my tribe and I can serve my tribe.

Insight #2: Develop lasting relationships

I’ve recently been doing a lot of in-person networking in my local area. One group meets once a week and it’s great how quickly I get to know other local business people. To get the most out of my networking, I plan to get a book by Business Networking International founder Ivan Misner called Networking Like a Pro.
I got the sample segment for my Kindle App and wouldn’t you know it; there’s a nugget of wisdom in there. He says that:

One of the most important metrics is the number of coffee connections (follow-up meetings) you have with your new contacts – at least the ones you want to network with.

And that networking is like planting an orchard. You tend to it regularly and it may take several years before it bears fruit. But once it starts bearing fruit, you will reap a harvest every year. Look at networking as a long-term investment.

The people I am meeting and going to coffee with – I’m getting to know them as human beings with interests, hobbies and other aspects of their lives outside their business. I don’t find insurance interesting, but the agent with whom I had coffee yesterday is a dynamic, engaging person. We may or may not do business together, and we might refer people to each other! Now that I know him better, I am more comfortable referring friends to him.

Many experts in art marketing have recommended local networking groups and as an introvert, I’m getting used to it, and not getting so nervous. Practice, practice!

Insight #3: Good social skills are essential!

The last of my shifts in perspective came from another podcast I’ve recently discovered and have been listening to a great deal called the Savvy Painter. The host, Antrese Wood, interviews both artists and marketers (or individuals who are both) and one burned into my brain as a lesson. It was an interview with artist Gabe Fernandez who paints these chairs in different quiet settings.

He talks a lot about the importance of developing relationships – with gallery owners and collectors. He mentions how his social skills were not that strong when he started out, and if he could do it again, he’d focus more attention on being more social.

That’s the key. Totally the key to success. Relationships you develop and putting yourself out there socially does create more value for your brand as an artist.

So…. create more value in the world for more people, develop relationships with them and use good social skills to develop those relationships. There, the triad of success. 🙂

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