3-for-3 Update

Muir Beach photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Muir Beach photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Today was the first day I kinda messed up with my new summer routine. I have a bit of a good excuse for not meditating this morning first thing, and for not reading something inspirational.

I was planning a day trip with my son out to Muir Beach, which would take about an hour or so. I like to take little trips with my son and explore this beautiful region where we live. We’ve explored many East Bay parks and had some adventurous hikes together. It is our special time, and I think that today Golf wanted to come, too.

But I had heard on the news that there’s a BART strike going on – BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is the train system around the SF Bay Area, most extensively in the East Bay, where we live. This means that traffic is going to be nightmarish everywhere, and that one hour to Muir Beach could easily double, even when we take care to leave after the rush hours are over.

I had to break my cycle to listen to the news and find out if we could go today, but the strike is on. I hope for the sake of the workers and riders that it is resolved very soon. So we’ve decided to just go to our local beach right here in our town.

I don’t feel bad about breaking my intention of not listening to the radio as it was for information I needed in a timely way. And over the weekend, I confess to listening just a little bit as I cleaned the bathrooms. Sometimes I just need some light-hearted entertainment that doesn’t have to do with self improvement. You know what I mean?

Gratitude practice

The last week, I’ve been putting in effort to think about what I am thankful for. From having a loving relationship with my husband and son, and that all of us are healthy and strong to being grateful for a car that works and runs. My list is long and throughout my day I will ┬ápause and feel gratitude for something on my list.

This morning I gave thanks that I don’t have to be out there on the freeways with this killer commute underway with the BART strike going on!

It makes me feel good and when you focus on the abundance you do have, it puts your perspective back in the right place.


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