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Tsukubai Painting: Creating Solace

I’ve had such a fascination with the tsukubai lately. That is the beautiful Japanese water urn, usually with a ladle, found in gardens and temples and is meant for purifying the hands and mouth before entering the temple or before a tea ceremony. I’d already painted one before and was really pleased with the results: […]

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Dealing with My First Naysayer

Every week I attend a local networking event and I meet lots of business people from my town and other nearby cities. Just before leaving the event, I came across a friendly man, looked like he was in his 60s, nice smile. So I sat and chatted with him for a few minutes. I’ll call […]

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A Tale of Two Buddha Paintings

I’ve started creating some smaller, more affordable paintings to complement my medium and larger size originals, and one of the first most endearing subjects I like to paint is Buddha. I like seeing all the different kinds of Buddha images from different cultures and my reactions to them. Which ones are most appealing and which […]

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